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Developmental Stages
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  Cognitive development is linked to learning about one’s self and others. The sooner children are in environments that engage them in planning, problem-solving, and self-monitoring, the better they are prepared for future development. In the first year of a child’s life, emotionally loaded and affective skills are being formed. There is no better place for your infant than a quality learning center such as our learning center. The more opportunities infants and toddlers have to sit, walk, and explore independently, the more they develop their motor skills. Healthy motor skills are indicators that a child will develop good interactions with objects and people. In addition, early development of motor skills can prevent delayed development of motor skills which directly impacts the cognitive abilities of a child.   Sensory development is extremely important as it supports a child’s ability to coordinate the movements of large and small muscles, as well as the experience of hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. At Ahayah Academy Learning Center, we support the child’s ability to master sensory development through the incorporation of sensory play activities.  We facilitate learning and development during play time which enables the child to naturally explore their surroundings.    Social development and learning supports a child’s ability to possess the knowledge and social values necessary to interact and relate to peers in a supportive and positive manner. Quality social skills enable the learner to function in a supportive manner, and provide positive interactions in relationships with family, friends, and community. Our care providers are dedicated to supporting and promoting social awareness growth in those entrusted to our care.

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