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“Students are enrolled in a program that aligns with the state standards for the states the students reside in”.

Student-Centered Learning at an Independent School

As an independent school in the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area, Ahayah Academy incorporates an individualized approach to learning. From Pre-K through grade 8 education program, our students share the responsibility for their learning with our teachers, staff, family, and board.

Individualized Learning

We want to inform and engage our student body to help them understand the world they live in. For each of our students, we establish and maintain a commitment to continuous development in positive and safe learning environments. All of our teachers are required to be experts in their respective subjects and we apply Bloom's Taxonomy to our curriculum to ensure that we teach at the appropriate levels of rigor. Student progression is encouraged through semi-customized curricula, lesson checkpoints, interactive exercises, and group activities. Our curriculum is enhanced by the inclusion of biblical teachings.

Extended Care Services

At Ahayah Academy, we offer before and after school care for students to accommodate the needs of their families.

Students Standing in Classroom

Pre-K to 8th Grade Extra Curricular Activities/Clubs

Science Program • Gardening Program • STEM Infused Curriculum

Science | Technology | Engineering | Math

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If you home school or desire to home school your children but prefer they have a private bible based education, contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.