Offering a Bible-Based Learning Experience


Answering the Call

Ahayah Academy was founded in 2016 in response to a deep rooted passion of the founders to open a education system to meet the needs of the community. The school was built on the idea that education is the equalizer to combat all sorts of injustice and that the minds of the young can be cultivated in ways that make a profound impact on society.

Preparation for the World at a Bible-based School

The staff at Ahayah Academy, a Bible-based school system in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia area, is committed to providing an environment to educate and enrich our students' understanding of the world. With a wide range of programs for a variety of ages, our board and staff are divided among age groups and specialty areas to ensure each receives adequate attention. We believe it is important that our programs are of quality and affordable for our families. Quality education is something that should be obtainable for all who seek it. 

Our Vision

The Name

Our Mission

To be a prominent learning institution where students achieve their highest potential through an understanding of God, self, and community; resulting from scholastic exposure and triumph.

The word Ahayah means “I Am” in Hebrew. When Moses of the Bible encountered a burning bush and was instructed to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt, Moses asked the Most High God, who shall I say sent me. The Most High’s response was “I AM THAT I AM” (Exodus 3: 11-14). Ahayah was selected because we expect the Most High to continue to bring his children out of all states of bondage. The word Academy refers to an institution. With these two words, the essence of Ahayah Academy was formed.

Our Mission is to educate learners of all ages to develop the skills and competencies necessary to emerge as positive contributors to society; supported by an array of learning programs.

Ahayah Academy is a non-discriminatory private school. Our doors are open to all who seek to learn with us and adhere to the policies and procedures established for this institution.

 Quality, affordable, private education that is designed to help build communities.         

Partners of Success

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Dr. Diana Gilmer Echols, M.Ed., MSM - Board Chair | Dr. Robyn L. Richardson, MSN, MBA - Board Vice-Chair | Martha Bradley, MBA- Board Treasurer | Latoya Reovan - Secretary | Rashuana Braswell, M.Ed. | Saundra Echols | Monica Jones, J.D.